Top Rock Songs 2014 List

by admin on May 19, 2014

Top Rock Songs 2014

The number of top rock songs 2014 existing in this world is more than enough to burn an entire hard disk as huge as this planet! And shortlisting best rock songs 2014 from a universe full of rock is probably the toughest task to do especially for a rock lover like me who is doing the shortlisting without access to her own personal hard disk! I have tried to shortlist few greatest rock songs in this list of best modern rock songs. I couldn’t stop including my personal favorites too, although I’ve kept the list unbiased. You may have your own list of best rock songs 2014 too, although I’m sure I have covered most of the global favorites in this list. Rock music is currently one of the most popular genres in music. It has its roots in jazz, folk and classical music. Although they say that music has to be heard and not read. For information on Greatest rock songs 2014, read the articles below.

Best top rock songs 2014 list

List of Top Rock Songs 2014

The basic sound of rock music revolves around electric guitar, bass guitar (that gives it an electric back beat), keyboard instruments like piano, organ (in the earlier days) and synthesizers since 1970s. During the 1960s and 1970s, the rock world saw a drastic revolution taking place, as many sub-genres like soft rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, punk rock, glam rock. In 1980s, rock sub genres like alternative rock, hard rock punk and new wave became popular. Grunge was a sub-genre of rock music that created a rage of madness in the 1990s, along with indie rock, Britpop and nu metal. These are the top rock music 2014 to enjoy your rock dance party.

01-Royals — Lorde
02-Demons — Imagine Dragons
03-Let Her Go — Passenger
04-Sweater Weather — The Neighbourhood
05-Radioactive — Imagine Dragons
06-Safe And SOund — Capital Cities
07-Sail — Awolnation
08-Livin’ On A Prayer — Bon Jovi
09-Still Into You — Hallelijah
10-Pompeii — Bastille
11-Gone, Gone, Gone — Phillip Phillip
12-Team — Lorde
13-Tennis Court — Lorde
14-Young And Beautiful — Lana Del Rey
16-Best Day Of My Life — American Authors
17-Out Of My League — Fitz And The Tantrums
18-Come A Little Closer — Cage The Elephant
19-Do I Wanna Know? — Arctic Monkeys
20-Alone Together — Fall Out Boy
21-Sirens — Pearl Jam
22-Harlem — New Politics
23-Hail To The King — Avenged Sevenfold
24-Miss Jackson — Panic! At The Disco Featuring Lolo
25-Shot At The Night — The Killers

Best Rock Songs 2014

While the question of which is the best rock music still remains unanswered, the point is, everyone has their own. Rock has become like a religion, so popular that it is said in the rock world, “We don’t know what will die first, Rock n’ Roll or Christianity!”. So, with these lists of best rock songs, sort your own favorite and save the zillion-dollar playlist to rock on! Peace, folks with Top Rock Songs 2014.

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