Top Trance Songs 2014 List

by admin on May 19, 2014

Best Trance Songs 2014

Top Trance music 2014 can take you into a hallucinated effect, with or without drugs and alcohol. The Trance new music 2014  has the ability to transform your state of mind in many ways possible; it is addictive. The songs have an effect of taking you into the state of trance through its music. There are three main kinds of trance, such as slow Trance, progressive trance, and psychedelic trance. All are meant to take you to different levels of top trance songs 2014. Slow trance songs can be sometimes confused with lounge, however, they are two different genre of music. Progressive trance songs starts slow, but the beats or the music gets intense steadily. You may have come across some amazing top trance songs 2014 from Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Dj Tiësto, and Paul Oakenfold. The third kind, psychedelic trance songs is fast, hardcore trance. If you are a fan of this genre of music, then following are some best trance songs 2014.

best top trance songs 2014 hits

Top Trance Songs 2014 List

Take a look at some of the best trance songs 2014 mentioned below which also has a bit of variety.

  • Armin van Buuren ~ Blue Fear
  • Dj Tiësto ~ La noche
  • Paul Van Dyk ~ New York City
  • Armin van Buuren ~ Burned with Desire
  • Dj Tiësto ~ Besides Me
  • Paul Van Dyk ~ Haunted
  • Dj Tiësto ~ Twelve
  • Dj Tiësto ~ Madras
  • Dj Tiësto ~ Summerfish
  • Dj Tiësto ~ Tell Me

Top Trance Songs 2014 with vocals

So the following some good trance songs 2014 may or may not be up to your taste, but I hope it can be close enough.

01-Mousy — Guille Placencia & George Privatti
02-Dambo (Original Mix) — Ramiro Lopez
03-Hale Bopp (Der Dritte Raum Ison Adaption) — Der Dritte Raum
04-System Block (Original Mix) — Wavkiller
05-That Sound (Original Mix) — Stefano Noferini, Markus Knight
06-Friday Night — Adrian Hour, Christian Fisher
07-Within Myself (Julian Jeweil Remix) — Christian Smith
08-Black Body Radiation (Dub) — Black Asteroid
09-Another Love (Zwette Edit) — Tom Odell
10-Adapted — Deh-Noizer
11-Crispy Bacon — Laurent Garnier
12-Prototype — Stephan Crown
13-Night Express (Original Mix) — Maguta
14-Ghettocoder — Pilo
15-Tshimakanga — Heavy-K
16-How To Make (Filterheadz Remix) — Raul Mezcolanza
17-More Than Friends (Extended Version) — Inna feat. Daddy Yankee
18-O.K. (Klinika Remix) — Energun
19-Caliente (Extended Version) — Jay Santos
20-3Talisman-Class Destroyer — Clouds

The attempt of compiling trance songs ever can never be complete as each year, hundreds of artists blow us away with their “intoxicating” top trance songs 2014 and music download.

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